• Pop-N-Glo Targets are self-adhesive, die cut, & are color reactive (expose bright color around the bullet hole).

• Our targets can be used when shooting any caliber firearm.

• During target practice at the range just peel and stick the targets on most any surface & your results will be more visible downrange.

• Pop-N-Glo Targets cost less than 50% of what similar targets in stores do.

• Please Sight In with Clear & Instant Results Today!!!

• Free Shipping to all of the contiguous U.S. States & Puerto Rico.



 Pop-N-Glo Targets is a family-owned and operated small business focusing on specialized targets that are suitable for 

any type of shooter. Pop-N-Glo Targets are unique in that when the shooter’s round connects with the target, a bright 

yellow “ring” forms around the bullet hole. This is particularly useful in that the shooter can very easily see the results and their

groupings! This is beneficial in cutting down on time accessing your results. We are committed to great customer service and customer satisfaction!

  Please use our products responsibly and always practice safe firearm handling at all times.

 Pop-N-Glo Targets are manufactured with a self adhesive on the backs of every target. In short, Pop-N-Glo Targets ARE stickers! You can adhere them just about anywhere that is safe for target shooting. Some ideas for sticker placement are on a fence post, a three dimensional “dummy” target or even another paper target.

 We at Pop-N-Glo Targets have considered adding point (or number) values to our current line of targets, however, there are different methods of scoring depending on both caliber and range. We didn't want to pigeon hole the targets by specifying a range. To us, we think the shooter could assign values as he or she sees fit. We are confident that in the near future, we will get enough feedback to make some new decisions by our next print run! We eagerly look forward to hearing from you!

 Please feel free to contacts us with questions or comments at info@pop-n-glo.com

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